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3 / 6 / 9 / 12 Preventative Maintenance

We offer quarterly home maintenance plans, where we come out to your home and provide essential services such as:

  •           Changing Air Filters
  •           Yard cleanup in the fall
  •           Aerating in the fall and spring
  •           Replenishing flower beds with mulch or pine needles

These items are also inspected during our regular visits:

  •           Light bulbs
  •           Caulking around doors and windows
  •           Drywall
  •           Paint
  •           Trim
  •           Plumbing in Kitchen and bathrooms
  •           Weather stripping, and change out when worn
  •           Screens
  •           Opt. refrigerator filter change out every 6 months or yearly

Each maintenance plan is tailored to your home and your needs.  It’s our duty to take on some if not all of the tasks around the house that make homeownership stressful at times.  As all homeowners know you have to change your air filters every 3 months, aerate your lawn twice a year,  rake leaves in the fall, and let’s not forget replenish your flower beds when the mulch wears down.  These are some of the services that we offer in our maintenance packages.

After the initial inspection we will come up with a service plan that suits your needs.  Once we come up with a service plan, we will then create a profile of your home, and work hard to maintain its beauty.  It is our goal to have these services completed in timely manner taking up as little time as possible of the home owner.


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